Through Giant Green Goggles

Green goggles are somewhat akin to beer goggles, but the wearer sees what he or she wants to see rather than reality. A frequent synptom of the green glass wearer is a willingness to accept at face value and redistribute misinformation without a thought as to whether the “information” in question defies common sense. The “timeline” below, circulated widely, illustrates the phenomenon with misinformation at almost  every timestep. This blog post dissects it for you.

Starting from an Irish blog, name and link omitted to spare blushes: Continue reading

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Irish Alarmists Once Again

Unsurprisingly, I can report that John Gibbons, having blocked me on Twitter to avoid having his Twitter followers accidentally exposed to “heresy” (my posts Twitter exchange with John Gibbons and An explanation of the “percentigrade” error which even John Gibbons should be able to understand) has left his original nonsense stand in his posts, without comment or correction. I understand that my blocked tweets can still be seen in context by searching on Twitter for both think_or_swim and PeterONeill15, rather than either one separately. Censorship has its limitations.

Hardly surprising for an ardent advocate of suppression of views differing from his own manifestly false ‘facts’. That last was his own choice of phrase, as in

Opinions are ok but facts are sacred. Deniers flood media with manifestly false ‘facts’ to derail debate.

Where do calls for censorship fit on the spectrum of debate? Or manifestly false ‘facts’ for that matter? Is it acceptable to present your own views as if they were those of the IPCC, and drag Trócaire (or An Taisce) into that ‘monkey trap’ of your own construction? Continue reading

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An explanation of the “percentigrade” error which even John Gibbons should be able to understand

Or, taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut – apologies for overkill

but weaning Mr Gibbons from some of the tenets of his faith must be much like driving a stake through the heart of a vampire – I don’t think I have met anyone who can truthfully claim to have succeeded in either endeavour.

This is a pity, as when Mr Gibbons is not looking at the world through alarmist glasses he can write quite sensibly. He thinks for himself and parts company with many of his fellow activists and environmentalists on nuclear power, on vaccination, on homoeopathy, if my memory has not failed me, and other issues which would require a trawl through past columns and blog posts.

For anyone unaware of John Gibbons’ stubborn insistence on displaying his lack of understanding of elementary science concepts, he provides a good introduction here himself: Continue reading

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Twitter exchange with John Gibbons

In view of John’s reputation for blocking critical comments (and deleting embarrassing past blog posts) I am taking the precaution of archiving the exchange here for the benefit of any of his more curious followers who may wonder what came later should these tweets be ‘lost’.

The original links will be added later today. I’ve just posted nearly thirty times my previous total number of Tweets (1, plus a few accidental clicks which ended up as empty tweets) in the two and a half years since I was forced to join Twitter to follow Brittany Ferries and find out whether the ferry I was booked on would sail or not (it did not). I have to say that being forced to receive and wade through pretty pictures of other ferry ports without any strike linked chaos on my mobile phone, while waiting for a simple yes/no/divert to Cherbourg text tweet, did not encourage a positive attitude to Twitter. I’m taking a break for now.

Apologies for the image sequencing, duplication and omission error. Only noticed when out. Corrected now.

As anticipated, I’m now blocked by John. This may be an automated Twitter thing, in which case John is not responsible. But if he chose to block me it might have been wiser to read carefully first. My understanding is that these Tweets remain visible to his many followers even after I have been blocked – the whole point of sending them in rapid succession, and if he has actively chosen to block criticism point out his errors, which can easily be verified, this will not perhaps impress those of his followers who see it. He might have anticipated this:


Continue reading

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Temperature Adjustments In The Canadian Arctic – some supplementary information for a comment

This post extends a comment posted at

While Paul Homewood’s post deals with GHCN adjustments, this comment examines the influence of one of these Canadian Arctic stations, Eureka, on the Gistemp gridded output. As station coverage in the northern Canadian Arctic is sparse, this one station has considerable influence on neighbouring (and not so closely neighbouring) grid cells. Continue reading

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Our urban fox

A regular nightly visitor now. Does not seem to be the same one who followed us home. Continue reading

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Nalle made a new and unexpected friend tonight

He or she followed us from Lidl (about 650 m, but 45 min this time with all the playful darting around) right to the front door (literally – looked in after us when we went in). Very playful, came within 1 m of me, much closer to Nalle, who was closer most of the time. Not so easy to photograph with phone while holding an excited dog!

2014-12-07 00.00.00

2014-12-07 00.15.38

2014-12-07 00.15.46

2014-12-07 00.18.13


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