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  • Your first comment will be held for moderation. Comments by authors with a previously approved comment will appear immediately.
  • However, a comment will be held for moderation if it contains 4 or more links, whether or not the author has a previously approved comment.
  • Flattering comments praising the blog combined with a link advertising some unrelated product will be treated as spam and deleted. If the link is to a related product, I’ll have to make a decision on the merit of the post, and develop a more detailed policy.
  • Abuse, personal attacks, etc., are not welcome. I reserve the right to edit (indicating where and why any part of the comment is removed) or delete any comment, and to develop a more detailed comments policy should the need arise.  In the absence of a more detailed policy you may assume a policy similar to other blogs allowing open discussion but rejecting abuse, personal attacks, etc., will apply.
  • Off topic comments may be moved to a more appropriate post, or a post created specifically for such comments.

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