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If there are errors, it was the blogger in the foreground. Otherwise it was the blogger in the background.

My e-mail address may be found by taking my name and dropping the space and the special character, then adding in the usual way as domain the three initials of the institution at which I lectured before retirement, University College Dublin, and adding the two letter abbreviation for Ireland, the first and third letters, separated by the customary dot. Automated spamming address harvesters – have you got all that?

3 Responses to About

  1. vjones says:

    Love the picture – so long as you are not posting ‘shaggy dog’ stories huh!

  2. William Kay says:

    There is a new posting at http://www.ecofascism.com containing a list of 356 climate sceptical and/or enviro-critical websites; plus additional info on the enviro-critic community and its funders.

    • Just a couple of small comments on this list, on which I find myself included. In general, based on the websites listed which I have visited, I’m not unhappy with the company. There are a few sites which I would actively distrust, but I leave your decision in this respect up to you to make for yourself when you visit these sites. There are others which I believe sometimes share the same tendency to exaggerate with those they oppose. And there are other sites which I am unlikely to visit on grounds unrelated to climate.

      I would also have preferred to see a less confrontational banner headline that “Environmentalism is Fascism”, a blanket condemnation which I regard as going too far, although the behaviour and attitudes of some environmental activists seem only too familiar. I am old enough to have seen the final years of the two last European fascist states, including on one occasion from behind the barricades of a student protest, and to have aided, in a small way, opposition in one of those states. To keep everyone happy I might add that in those days I was also refused entry to the former East Germany on spurious grounds, but more probably on account of entry stamps and visas in my passport since an earlier visit there.

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