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GHCN and Gistemp Data Quality

Post to be completed when the post Self-adjusting the Adjustments is complete. Posted now as placeholder to allow linkage from previous post. Location metadata   Temperature data Advertisements

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Urban corrections in Gistemp (and GHCN-M), “then and now”

Further content coming soon. This placeholder post published now to allow a link to the coming post to be included in an online comment. Hansen et al. 1999 (Hansen, J., R. Ruedy, J. Glascoe, and M. Sato, 1999: GISS analysis … Continue reading

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Cooling The Past In Siberia – some supplementary information – the discussion

As completion of this post was long delayed, I’m posting the discussion part separately here as an ‘aside’ post so that it will show up as a new post for anyone who has given up waiting. The most striking aspect … Continue reading

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Cooling The Past In Siberia – some supplementary information

Paul Homewood has a post Cooling The Past In Siberia , where I commented. This post adds some further information to my comments, with images which I could not post inline at Paul’s blog, and more detailed information about the … Continue reading

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GHCN Metadata (v2.inv), Gistemp and Night light Radiance

The draft journal article “Current GISS Global Surface Temperature Analysis” posted at http://data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/paper/gistemp2010_draft0319.pdf provides a link to the nightlight radiance data set [Imhoff et al., 1997] used [http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/dmsp/download_rad_cal_96-97.html] (measurements made between March 1996 and February 1997)] at a resolution of 30″ x 30″.

While I was unable to simultaneously view the terrain detail and the NASA nightlight layer which comes with Google Earth, the nightlight radiance data from the TIFF files in this data set can be added to the Google Earth tours described in my earlier post. Continue reading

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