“The last four years” and beyond

Discussion of “the last four years” rarely seems to be accompanied by illustration of the monthly detail of those last four years. To counter this omission I’ve put together this page with the four global temperature series used by the IPCC to form a weighted average series (if you have found the weightings used anywhere, please post them here as a comment), as well as the two principal satellite series.

I’ve centred the annual means at July in the figures which follow. I’ll try to keep this post updated as new monthly data is published. The composite image of all series will be updated only monthly.
[updated 2020-01-16 to December 2019]

[updated 2019-10-02 to July 2019 – now no longer being updated. Will drop from 2020]

[updated 2020-01-16 to December 2019]

(baseline: 1961-1990)  [updated 2020-01-16 to December 2019]

(baseline: 1961-1990) [updated 2020-01-09 to November 2019]

(baseline: 1981-2010)   [updated 2020-01-07 to December 2019]

(baseline: 1981-2010) [updated 2020-01-05 to December 2019]

(common baseline: 1981-2010) [updated 2020-01-16]

All updated to December 2019, other than Cowtan-Way (November)

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