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Self-adjusting the Adjustments

This post is unfinished. I’m posting it now in order to refer to it in a comment on another blog, and intend to finish it in the near future. April 14: finishing delayed while recoding data extraction to speed it … Continue reading

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The Effect of Station “Dropout” on Gistemp – supplementary data

While updating the main post dealing with the effect of station “dropout” on Gistemp I dropped the plot of the difference for 12-month running means between stations with data after 2004 and all stations. This plot is shown below. For … Continue reading

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The Effect of Station “Dropout” on Gistemp

A homogeneity problem? The dropout (yes, I know the history, but dropout is the term in general use) of GHCN stations in the 1990’s has been the subject of much discussion. As a contribution to this discussion, here are the … Continue reading

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Rural Stations adjusting Dublin Airport: Anomaly Consistency

This gallery contains 10 photos.

This is most certainly not a definitive study of the consistency of the rural station anomalies used to adjust urban stations in Gistemp. It is simply a gallery of plots of the rural station anomalies used to adjust one particular … Continue reading

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GISTEMP anomaly calculation replaced by Roman’s (post 5 of 6 in GISTEMP example)

Post coming later. This “placeholder” post added now just to tidy the blog home page. Implementation of this alternative as an option is in progress. This involves combining rural stations and finding the least squares fitted adjustment on a month-by-month … Continue reading

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Dublin Airport adjustment

As the adjustments for NAR’JAN-MAR are small, this “aside”, before post 5 in the series, illustrates a station with larger adjustments, my “home” station, Dublin Airport. The urban and rural anomalies are illustrated, and the adjustment is shown.

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GISTEMP Urban Station Adjustment (post 4 of 6 in GISTEMP example)

The last post discussed the combination of rural station records close (within 500 km) to NAR’JAN_MAR, our urban station to be adjusted. This post shows how that combined rural record is used to adjust the urban record.

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