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Through Giant Green Goggles – the An Taisce edition

Green goggles are somewhat akin to beer goggles, but the wearer sees what he or she wants to see rather than reality. A frequent synptom of the green goggles wearer is a willingness to accept at face value and redistribute … Continue reading

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GHCN-M Raw Data from Ireland

(now subtitled) The Little Known Tropical Rain-forest of Ireland Updated: From the latest two GHCN-M v3 status.txt files: ************************************************************* 03/11/2017 User feedback indicated a problem with some mean temperature data for select stations in Ireland.  The problems were traced to … Continue reading

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An Taisce’s Dahr Jamail timeline : source comparison

This is a short comparison of the “timeline” published by An Taisce in its January 2014 ezine with the sources claimed for these “timeline” items. For a more exhaustive (and exhausting!) treatment of this “timeline” see Through Giant Green Goggles … Continue reading

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GHCN and Gistemp Data Quality

Post to be completed when the post Self-adjusting the Adjustments is complete. Posted now as placeholder to allow linkage from previous post. Location metadata   Temperature data

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Self-adjusting the Adjustments

This post is unfinished. I’m posting it now in order to refer to it in a comment on another blog, and intend to finish it in the near future. April 14: finishing delayed while recoding data extraction to speed it … Continue reading

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Urban corrections in Gistemp (and GHCN-M), “then and now”

Further content coming soon. This placeholder post published now to allow a link to the coming post to be included in an online comment. Hansen et al. 1999 (Hansen, J., R. Ruedy, J. Glascoe, and M. Sato, 1999: GISS analysis … Continue reading

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GHCN-M adjustment samples: (7xx) Antarctica

For details of what is illustrated here, start from Wanderings of a Marseille January 1978 temperature, according to GHCN-M, continue with GHCN-M: Stations similar to Marseille/Marignane Further discussion to come later once images have been generated and added for remaining … Continue reading

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