GHCN-M adjustment samples: (7xx) Antarctica

For details of what is illustrated here, start from Wanderings of a Marseille January 1978 temperature, according to GHCN-M, continue with GHCN-M: Stations similar to Marseille/Marignane

Further discussion to come later once images have been generated and added for remaining regions.

700 Antarctica (34)

As data for some of these stations comes from both GHCN-M and SCAR, Gistemp can have two different values in the same month. Values derived from SCAR data are distinguished by use of a filled black triangle symbol. Stations which have no adjustments and SCAR stations which do not appear in the GHCN-M inventory are not shown here.


Note that Gistemp now excludes the GHCN data for Amundsen-Scott and uses SCAR data only (no explanation for this decision is offered in the Gistemp update below). Only one Gistemp value derived from GHCN-M v3.3.0 now appears above.

HalleyBellingshauseCmsViceDoMarambioRotheraPointNote here that the unadjusted GHCN-M values (0.10) and Gistemp values from SCAR (0.00) differ because of Gistemp rounding to integer representation.
FaradayBaseSanMartinSyowaMizuhoMawsonDavisMirnyjCaseyDumontDUrvi McmurdoScottBase

701 Argentine Base In Antarctica (1)


800 Ship Stations (14)

The ship stations, the last in the GHCN-M/Gistemp inventory, were lost by Gistemp after October 2014 (I reported this to GISS in November 2014), and only found again in May 2015 when certain Antarctic stations also went AWOL.


As these Antarctic stations immediately preceded the ship stations, this looks eerily like a repetition of the incorrect end of file condition handling error I reported to Gistemp in 2009.



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