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2o14 adjusted (qca) data going missing late February:


2012 adjusted (qca) and unadjusted (qcu) data going missing, reverting back to 2008, with adjusted data first passing through 2011, reappearing sometime in January 2013:


January 2012 value first recorded as 1.95°C, with code “a” indicating one day missing in calculation of monthly mean, then as 2.28°C with no days missing. The missing day would need a temperature of at least 12.03°C to effect this change, but TMAX for January 2012 is only 7.09°C, the maximum TMAX for January is 8.28°C in 1932 (February also changes at the same time with no indication of missing days, March loses a day, April has a “suspicious looking” 9.99°C with one day missing, which later changes to 10.13°C, still with one day missing):


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